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Jay-Z vs. Lil’ Wayne…The Beef & The Money!

September 6, 2011 by , under Entertainment, Hip-Hop, Music.


Ok…so Watch the Throne has dropped…The Carter IV has dropped. In the midst of all of this, some beef has seemingly dropped, as well. When you think about it, it’s like…WTF is going on?? I mean Wayne was on Hello Brooklyn from Jay’s American Gangsta and Jay was on Mr. Carter from Wayne’s The Carter III. So, why would there be beef between these two mega stars, who seem to be too cool with each other? This is what I’m discussing. Excuse me, if this seems to be all over the place, but yunno how I am. I usually have a lot to say and I’ve got my opinion on just about everything!!

So here it is…It’s reported that Jay took shots @ Baby & Wayne by saying “I’m like really, half a billi, nigga? Really, you got Baby money? / Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money” Then Wayne came back with “Talkin’ ’bout Baby money? I got your Baby money / Kidnap your bitch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money” Now I don’t have the Carter IV yet, but I do have Watch The Throne and let me add a couple lines before the infamous lines. I think you can get a bigger picture of what Jay was painting.

“Ni**as fantasize about the sh!t that I do daily like,
These rappers rap about all the sh!t that I do really,
I’m like really half a billi ni**a,
Really you got baby money,
Keep it real with ni**as
ni**as ain’t got my lady money”

Now to me, this doesn’t address Wayne or Baby. Wayne and Baby have plenty money to do some of the things that Jay does, feel me? BUT there are a lot of rappers who talk a big game & everything in their videos are rented. They don’t really take trips to islands and fly on private jets. This cat with Forbes looked at it as a diss though. Saying that Jay rounded his worth from $450 million to come up with “half a billi”, blah, blah, blah. Then everybody thinks that when he said baby…he meant Baby, but Baby isn’t capitalized, yunno? Being that he mentioned his lady, I took it as ok…I’m a grown man…you definitely don’t have my kind of money. You’re like a child compared to me (baby). And to give you a better perspective, don’t get it twisted and try to front like you living like me…you ain’t even got money like my lady, much less me. Get it? You’ve got your man, woman and a baby…..As far as money goes…u can be the baby, fool!! Now on another note, Jay is a master of the double entendre, so while on the surface it obviously means what I think, who knows if it means what everyone’s saying….

According to what I’ve seen, here’s what Wayne wrote in his song,

“Talkin ’bout baby money? I got your baby money,
Kidnap your b!tch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money,
I know you fake ni**a, press your brakes ni**a
I’ll take you out, that’s a date ni**a”

Now the lines before or after, didn’t seem to set up what was said here, so I didn’t write them. There’s nothing really to analyze about this. There’s no double entendres or anything. This is the kind of things that original hip-hop beefs were made of, feel me? Lately most rappers beef and talk about what they’ll do to someone, but it’s been a minute since a lot of people been bringing someone’s family, friends or loved ones into the picture. On a video clip I caught of Wayne talking to Sway as a part of MTV News, Wayne says that as far as what Jay was talking about, he can’t “box with the god” on that. He then says that because of his wit and the type of person he is, he’ll play off of it. BAAM!! You heard it from the man himself. No real beef, he’s just doin his thang. It’s almost like..ok he said something about me and people are lookin at me, like…”You not gonna do anything?!?!?”Of course he is..

After talking a lil’ with my baby about this, she made a very good point. She said that this was all done for publicity. Now HAM’s been out for some time and if Jay was dissin Wayne, why didn’t Wayne do something then, yunno? It’s funny that this thing seemingly came to a head just before The Carter IV, dropped. Cuz, I know it doesn’t take but a quick minute and tomorrow Jay or Wayne can drop something for people to hear and hit somebody hard…feel me?

OK, that’s the beef…now for the MONEY

I know that for some time now, Baby & Jay have said different things about who’s better lyrically and who has the most money. Wayne really hasn’t done a lot of talking about it (from what I’ve seen), which I like. He seems like he’s just about doin his thang, yunno? I know that Baby and Cash Money have been doin this music thing for a loooooong time, but so has Jay. Around the time that Wayne was signed to Cash Money (around 1991), Jay had already made songs/videos. I’m talkin’ before Reasonable Doubt. I didn’t even know that.

Now, lyrically…different rappers & MC’s have different styles. What’s appealing to you, may not be appealing to me, so therefore, we may think that two different MC’s are the best lyrically. Now, I’ve followed Jay-Z more than I’ve followed Lil’ Wayne. As far as Wayne goes, I really became fond of him back when the Hot boyz came out with “Bling, Bling”. You could just tell that there was something special about this kid.As far as lyrics, he’s one of those cats that I can listen to and be like…”Oooohh, WOoooooW” Then there was a time where he came out with a lot of songs and you would hear him laugh and make all these noises & I thought that he was fallin’ off. It was right before we went away and it seemed like every time I saw him he had a styrofoam cum in his hand….filled, I’m sure, with his favorite spirits. With the release of The Carter III, he came back and showed why he is and will forever be one of he best MC’s ever! Now Jay is an MC that I didn’t know about until my cousin, David, put me onto him. I think I lost touch of music when I moved from New Jersey. ‘Til this day, it still seems like it takes about a month and a half for new music to get from the NY/NJ area to Atlanta. When I was introduced to Jay-Z, he was on his third album, Life & Times of Sean Carter Vol. II. This was the album where he did callaborations with DMX (Rough Ryders were big), Two Short, as well as the Roc-a-Fella family. This is the album he got a grammy for. When I caught onto Jay, I was so impressed with his style, his flow and the words that he said, that I HAD to see what else he came out with and get it….yeah, like that! Not sure that it had anything to do with it, but I did like the fact that we’re both Sagittarius’. I was born 4 days before Jay-Z. So on some level, in the midst of all the glitz and glamour, bling and things, even how these “young” boys are trying to do things these days…I can relate to Jay, who’s lettin’ them know…”I’m the pioneer of this sh!t…I was poppin’ Crystal when all y’all n!ggaz thought it was beer & sh!t” Now this was on Life & Times Vol. I…so we’re talkin’ like 1997! He was on a bigger scale, very early in the game..feel me? If you ask me, Jay-Z is the King. After, not only listening to his music, but after watching documentaries about him & especially finding out that he doesn’t write down his raps….he listens to a track and does this “mental exercise” where he rhymes to himself and based on what people say…he can do that for about 15-20 mins & then go into the booth and lay down his song. Incredible. Whether you’re great or not, I don’t know many people that do that and I certainly haven’t heard that Lil’ Wayne does that. I have heard that Biggie was the same way…which they lightly referred to in the studio scene in the movie, Notorious. One thing I will admit, is that in my opinion…on this day right now, if I judge the most recent songs from both artists, I will say that I’m more impressed with Wayne’s wordplay than Jay’s.

I know I did a whole lot of talking about lyrics, but I still have to touch on the money side of it, so here it is. You can go to a lot of places on the internet and see that this person is worth this and this person is worth that, but let’s check with a reliable source, when it comes to money, Forbes. According to Forbes’ Celebrity Top 100 list, which counts money made from May 1, 2010 to May 1, 2011, Jay-Z was the MC who made the most. He ranked #45 on Forbes list with $37 Million dollars. Lil’ Wayne was ranked @ #85 with $15 Million (Now to be totally fair…I think Wayne would’ve ranked higher, had he not been incarcerated for about 6 of those months. So to be a lil’ more fair, let’s put him @ about $30 Million, which would rank him around #61 on Forbes list). As far as who’s richest, I don’t understand the controversy. Even before checking this out, I was thinking…Ok..Wayne does music..Jay does music, clothing, cologne, clubs & NBA teams…uhhh, hello?!?! I’m sure he’s got more money than Wayne…..Yup.. Forbes says that Jay is worth $450 Million. Since this was a Top 5 list, Wayne didn’t make it, but Baby did…he hit the list @ the #5 spot in a tie with 50 cent @ $100 Million. They had a video with Baby where he talked to someone from Forbes and said that he thinks that they calculated his money incorrectly when they said that he was just at $100 Million. You wanna know what the funny thing was? When he was asked about how much he thinks his empire is worth…he could even answer!! All he could say is….well, it’s gotta be worth a hundred million….a hundred plus…Uhhhhhh, isn’t that what they said?!?! Well….you can judge for yourself. I’ve seen, read and written enough.

So what do you all think? Who’s your vote for most lyrical? Who’s your favorite MC? Why??

Until the next time, THANKS for visiting me in the Kingdom!