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Favorite Commercials

May 20, 2013 by , under Miscellaneous, Polls, Thoughts, Videos.


Commercials are those advertisements that can hook you into buying a product, make you laugh, make you sad or make you change the channel. From the usage of babies, cute furry animals the typical “American” family or maybe even special effects, these 30 second shows definitely provide entertainment while we wait for our show to come back on.


While some, I can do without, there are some that make my day by making me laugh or leaving me with a big azz smile on my face! Here are my Top 3 commercials that I love right now.

AT&T Commercial. This is one of the may commercials where this guy asks kids all kinds of questions. This time, he asks them about the highest number they can think of. Kids say the darnedest things & make the darnedest expressions…You gotta love ’em!

State Farm Commercial. These ladies sing the State Farm jingle to see if their insurance companies can get them enough money to buy an expensive purse. The fisherman in this commercial always leaves me DYING LAUGHING!! You gotta love it!

Buick Commercial for the 2013 LaCrosse featuring Shaq. He talks about the day he was born…WOOOW! LOL!

What do you think of my choices? What are your favorite commercials on TV right now!?!?!